• Balcony netting kit for excluding pigeons from balconies 50mm knotted mesh
  • Pigeons are a perennial problem on balconies this easy to use kit is the best solution
  • Each kits contains a 3m high net in 8m (Large) lengths
  • Kits contain perimeter, straining, corner and intermediate fixings for masonry
  • Each kit comes with necessary special tools and full instructions
  • If you require fixings for substrates other than masonry please call for advice

108.52 (ex.VAT )

Keep pigeons off your balcony using our easy to install pigeon control balcony netting kits designed especially for balconies. Can be drawn back like a curtain when the balcony is in use. It comes with instructions


Pigeon control balcony netting kit specifically intended for use on balconies for the exclusion of pest feral pigeons.

Netting is constructed from heavy-duty knotted polyethylene UV stabilised twine.

All fixings are supplied in either galvanised steel or bright zinc plated steel.

Flame retardant net kit option available in black only.

Full written instructions are included in every kit.

Each kit contains the following:

4m Kit 6m Kit 8m Kit
Knotted HDPE 50mm Mesh Pigeon Netting 4m X 3m 6m X 3m 8m X 3m
2mm Dia. 7/7 Strand Wire Rope, Galvanised Steel 25 25 25
M5 Barrel Strainer Galvanised Steel 1 2 2
Wire Rope Grips Galvanised Steel 4 8 8
M6 Netting Corner Eye Bolts BZP 4 4 4
45mm Screw Eye Galvanised Steel 4 4 4
Red Wall Plugs 10 14 18
No.8 1 1/4 Inch Galvanised Steel Screws 6 10 14
Net Guide De-Mountable Intermediate Fixing 6 10 14
S-Clip 60 60 60
Hog Ring Staples Galvanised Steel 300 400 500
Netting Corner Tie 4 4 4
Netting Shears 1 1 1
P7 Hog Ring Stapler 1 1 1
Wire Rope Grip Nut Spinner 1 1 1
Wire Rope Side Cutters 1 1 1
6mm Straight Shank Masonry Drill Bit 1 1 1
10mm Straight Shank Masonry Drill Bit 1 1 1


For use in excluding pest feral pigeons from recessed balconies, with another balcony or ceiling overhead.

Feral pigeons area perennial problems on balconies causing serious fouling problems with their droppings and nesting material. These netting kits mount on the outside of the handrail/balustrade and allow free, unhindered use of the balcony.

The netting kit is supplied with special intermediate fixings that allow the net to be detached from the perimeter wire rope framework and then drawn back like a curtain when the balcony is in use.

This kit is ideal for use on holiday homes/apartments or any property where it is likely to be vacant for long periods, which can make the balcony an attractive undisturbed nest site for feral pigeons.

The maximum dimensions that these kits will cater for is 8m long by 3m tall, larger nets can be supplied to special order please contact our sales team.

The netting supplied in these kits can be easily cut using netting shears supplied to fit your balcony’s exact dimensions.

If you have a top floor balcony where there is nothing above to fix to, this kit will not be appropriate, please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements

Weight 2 kg
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