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Hazardous Waste Disposal Rodenticides & Insecticides


Waste Disposal Scheme

To minimise the environmental impacts associated with our pest control industry, we are offering a completely Free Electric Fly Killer tubes and small batteries Recycling  Service for several years. Just call in during our opening hours.

WEEE recycling box

Following inquiries from small operators and after consulting with the DAFM-PRCD, we have also started a collection scheme for spent rodenticide and insecticide, using our EPA licensed facility for hazardous waste disposal.

This will help pest controllers with most of the waste they generate during their business operations. This includes empty aerosols, spent rodenticide bait, empty biocide packaging, UV fluorescent tubes and out-of-date stock. Be aware that you may need to register with the EPA if you generate hazardous waste

In order to recover some of the running costs of the operation, we are charging  €3.00 per Kilogram of pesticide waste (+VAT13.5%), or €300 for a 100 Kg drum.

We will issue a receipt/certificate of transfer of control upon receipt of the waste.

Please Note:

Hazardous waste drum

  • We only collect Rodenticides and Insecticides
  • Keep insecticides in their original container.
  • We cannot accept spilt liquids insecticides or contaminated materials
  • Segregate rodenticides in clear plastic bags (e.g. freezer or lunch bags)
  • Put only 1 rodenticide brand in each bag so we can accurately weight and give a detailed receipt for PRCD inspections


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