• Rodent-proof welded wire mesh (weldmesh) for use against rats and mice
  • Prime galvanised wire mesh with a 6.5mm X 6.5mm squares mesh size
  • Supplied in two roll sizes both 6m long, and either 0.9m or 0.3m wide
  • Can be screw fixed using our weldmesh clips
  • Perfect for rodent-proofing buildings and structures against rats and mice

28.0652.92 (ex.VAT )


Weldmesh Specification

  • 22 gauge prime galvanised steel wire mesh
  • Wire mesh for use against any rodents.
  • Hot dipped galvanised post production prime quality manufactured in the EU


An ideal product for proofing points of entry into buildings and structures used by pest rodents. Corrosion resistant galvanised steel finish means it can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • Mouse proofing
  • Rat proofing
  • Squirrel proofing

Can be cut to size using side cutters. You can also use weldmesh clips to help secure in place.

More Info

  • EASY TO USE – It is simple to cut with tin snips and can be bent or doubled up to suit every situation, as the welded mesh is naturally more flexible than other types of mesh. Simply cut pieces to size to fit the gap that needs to be blocked.
  • STRONG MESH – it is a 1/4″ Galvanised Steel Welded Mesh with 0.6mm Wire, and 6.35mm square aperture. The welded mesh is made of hot-dipped galvanised steel, offering maximum resistance to rust and a long-use life.
  • USED BY PROFESSIONALS – Our proofing mesh has been designed for the professional pest control industry and comes in handy 300mm rolls that can be placed in a technician’s bag. Rolls can easily be brought around a site, up a ladder or within a confined area. We are currently selling these to most pest control companies in Ireland for their rodent proofing needs.
  • This is the best selling rodent-proof mesh in Ireland. This is a 6 metre long roll which is available in either 300mm wide or 900mm wide – our best-selling RatMesh. 
  • We pack and ship these rolls from our warehouse in Dublin within 24 hours of order. If you order before 1PM we will get it dispatched on the same day. This mesh manufacturer is part of a wire weaving group that has been operating in the mesh industry for over 100 years.
  • With the tiny square apertures, this rodent mesh blocks both rats and mice, even juvenile. MouseMesh galvanised rodent-proofing steel welded metal mesh is the best option for blocking gaps vents and airbricks from all rodents. The air can still circulate through the apertures. The mesh is suitable for proofing work in both your garden and home. It is ideal to protect vents, airbricks, garden fence, soffits, gaps around pipes, decking, and other nooks and crannies.
  • The welded wire mesh can also be used prior to filling gaps with expanding foam to prevent rats and mice from chewing through the foam

Questions & Answers

Q: Would this be good for putting around the bottom of my shed to keep rats and mice getting under it ?
A: Absolutely, the mesh especially stops mice from getting through. It is ideal for bottom of sheds as the mesh is very small so even a mouse can’t get through. Rodents can still burrow under though if the shed does not have a solid base.

Q: What staples are appropriate to secure this mesh against wooden eaves?
A: You can use an electric or manual staple gun with 8 mm staples. The mesh is fine but you can use staples every 50 mm.
Q: Can this be used on solar panels to prevent pigeons nesting?
A: This mesh is not made for this purpose. We have specific solar panel bird products here.
Q: What size are the holes? Could a pencil go through?
A: No, the holes are very small and a pencil would not fit through. you can also bend the rodent mesh in half if you need smaller holes
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Mesh 6.5mm – 6m x 0.9m : €52.92, Mesh 6.5mm – 6m x 0.3m : €28.06


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