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Most Asked Questions About Rat Infestations in Dublin

Owl Pest Control Dublin - Most Asked Questions About Rat Infestations in Dublin

Rat Infestations

Experts in pest control Dublin always get asked a lot of questions. What is pest control? Why do I need it? Is it expensive? How is it done?

But probably one of the most common questions that pest control experts get has something to do with the pesky rats. Well, no one can blame them. After all, there is nothing fun about discovering an infestation of wild rats in your Dublin home.

Rats are pests that tend to breed rapidly. If you let them be, they might even end up chewing through important parts and items in your home. And worst, rats can also spread dangerous diseases to you, your family, your pets, and your house guests.

Thankfully, you can easily save yourself from a rat problem and prevent it from happening in the first place. A good place to start is to know and understand several key points about how rats live and reproduce, how you can spot their presence around your home, and how expert pest control services can come to the rescue.

Here is a quick crash course on the most asked questions about rat infestations in Dublin to help you say goodbye to the problem once and for all.

How Do You Know If You are Dealing with Rats or Mice?

Many homeowners mistakenly identify rats in their homes as mice or vice versa. But mice and rats are two different creatures and both of them pose a specific set of risks. The easiest way to tell rats and mice apart is by their size.

In general, mice are quite small with a length of 3 to 4 inches and a tail that measures 3 to 4 inches. Rats, on the other hand, tend to be bigger. The bodies of some rats can even measure a length of 11 inches with a tail measuring 9 inches. Rats also weigh up to ten times or even more as much as mice.

You can also easily tell if you are dealing with a mouse or rat invasion depending on the droppings you find around your Dublin home. Mice droppings are similar to small rice grains or sometimes, much smaller. Rat droppings, meanwhile, are much larger. Rat faeces also have rounded edges, unlike mouse droppings which often have pointy tips.

What are the Common Types of Rats That Invade Dublin Homes?

Two primary types of rats often cause concern among Dublin homeowners, and these are the black rat and the brown rat, also called the common rat. These two are common pests not only in residential homes but even in businesses.

Black rats are somewhat rare and are often seen in port areas. These rodents are 16 to 24 cm long, and their tails are longer than their bodies and heads. They can weigh anywhere from 150 to 200 g. Black rats have large ears and a pointed nose with a more slender body compared to brown rats.

Brown rats, on the other hand, often prefer burrowing and ground living although they are also often known to climb. These rats grow to a length of 40 cm with their body and head longer than the tail. They can grow from 350 to 500 g in weight. Brown rats have small ears and blunt noses, with the thicker body than black rats.

Why and How Do Rats Enter Dublin Homes?

Rats often find their way inside homes in search of water, food, and a comfortable spot where they can build their nest and raise their offspring. They may also be forced to look for a new territory inside your house if their normal environment is disrupted in any way. The cooler weather during winter months might also make rats seek the security and warmth of your Dublin home.

Rats can enter your Dublin home in more ways than you can probably imagine. However, the most obvious is that these pests can squeeze through tiny gaps around your windows, in your walls, or your foundation. They can also get inside through damaged wooden parts in your roof or through vents. A chimney with no cap also serves as the perfect entryway for pesky rats.

Do Rats Pose Dangers to You and Your Dublin Home?

Yes, rats pose dangers and can cause a lot of problems not only to your Dublin home but also to you and your whole family. The sharp teeth of these creatures can chew through wooden boards and beans which can weaken the main structural components of your home. These pests can even damage electrical wiring and insulation which can cause the risk of electrical fires.

Rats have also been known to carry diseases. Among the 35 diseases that these pests can often transmit to humans include salmonellosis because they carry salmonella bacteria, leptospirosis, plague, an inflammatory disease known as tularaemia, and the dangerous respiratory problem called hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.

Owl Pest Control Dublin - rat infestation - rat droppings
Owl Pest Control Dublin - rat infestation - rat droppings

How Can You Minimize Rat Problems in the Future?

Using several preventative strategies can often go a long way to help reduce household rat encounters in the future. Experts in pest control Dublin can help you identify cracks, holes, and other common breaches around your home that might require fixing and sealing.

All trash and food must also be sealed tightly. Make sure you also fix the source of water leaks around your home that might entice rats. You can also check how to protect your home from invading pests.

How Do Experts in Pest Control Dublin Handle Rat Infestations?

Some of the most common symptoms of rat infestations in homes include squeaking and scratching sounds coming from inside your walls or from your attic. Be sure to check around your house for droppings, chewed-up spots, and any greasy marks that were left behind on different surfaces.

Once you notice any of these common trouble signs and symptoms, don’t waste time and contact a professional service provider of pest control Dublin to seek expert help right away.

Experienced and knowledgeable pest control technicians in Dublin know exactly where to search for rat nests and how to determine an infestation in progress.

The pest control service provider might also use different ways to eliminate depending on how large or serious the infestation is. These strategies can include placing several traps around your home or using poisons.

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