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How Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Can Benefit Your Business?

Owl Pest Control Dublin offer integrated pest management solutions

Why consider Integrated Pest Management? As business welcomes clients and customers of all kinds every single day, the last thing you want is for them to see pests scurrying around your premises during their visit.

To ensure that your business remains free from pesky pests, you must use several techniques and methods, including preventative measures. Unfortunately, many business owners in Dublin often assume that pesticides are their only option when it comes to pest control.

But guess what? It’s not always the case. Ask any experts, and they will surely tell you that IPM techniques are considered the safest and most effective way to control pest populations.

Read on below to learn how IPM can benefit your business in more ways than one.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management, or simply IPM, doesn’t only involve spraying to get rid of pests. It is a 360-degree strategy that emphasizes the combination of treatment strategies with the lowest risk, which includes long-term pest prevention, to minimize not only the damage they can cause but also the environmental concerns they may pose.

Integrated Pest Management is an environmentally-friendly method that effectively manages pests in a safe way that prioritizes the ecosystem and its overall health. Rather than just treating and addressing pest issues with harmful and robust chemicals alone, IPM harnesses the powerful combination of techniques and methods that will control the population of invasive pests without causing any damage to the environment and other animals.

Now that you know what Integrated Pest Management is all about, it is time to learn the benefits that Dublin businesses can glean from using this pest control strategy.

Choose Natural Over Chemical

IPM techniques have one main goal, and that is to safely minimize the pest population in a business while preserving and protecting the environment. This means that Integrated Pest Management encourages the use of natural methods and techniques for fighting off pests instead of the heavy use of pesticides and chemicals.

Natural mechanisms for pest control in Dublin like the introduction of more natural predators, sterilizing males to diminish the numbers of pests, and modifying their habitat can all help in the effective reduction of various pest-related concerns without causing any long-term harm to the environment.

Owl Pest Control Dublin - Integrated Pest Management - Use of Fly Screen Window
Owl Pest Control Dublin - Integrated Pest Management - Use of Fly Screen Window

In case you don’t realize it yet, chemical overuse poses alarming dangers, which means that the implementation of Integrated Pest Management strategies and methods is critical to control the presence of pests in your business. A professional that specializes in pest control will use the perfect balance between natural and chemical methods.

Inspection of Your Business Inside Out

It is a no-brainer that you need to inspect for pests inside your business premises. But how about outside your facility? By having a trained expert inspect the exterior of your business, they can easily catch any potential entry points for pests before they can even use these to get inside.

It is not a secret that the moment pests gain access inside your business, they can quickly multiply, and before you know it, they can already create a large and serious infestation in record time.

Inspecting and checking both the interior and exterior of your business will also allow pest control experts to give you helpful recommendations on how to prevent pest problems before they can wreak serious havoc or downtime for your business. Both of these can cost you money, and you don’t want that to happen.

IPM experts also undergo training to understand what conditions, if there are any, may contribute to pest activity in your business. Pest control professionals will also give some suggestions on how to get rid of conditions such as poorly sanitized areas that might attract pests.

Identify Pests and Analyze Their Activity

If you have no idea about the kind of pests you are dealing with, it would be impossible for you to address the problem appropriately and successfully. Ants, for example, have many different types, and the treatments for them might vary according to the specific species.

You can also attempt to treat flies, but if no one follows the flies back to the area of infestation, all your efforts will be nothing but a band-aid solution to a gaping wound. Integrated Pest Management experts can follow the small clues that only they would know how to look for. Doing so will then help them identify the root cause of the problem. Identification of the crux of the issue is critical to clear up your pest concerns once and for all.

Treated Infested Areas for Pest Control and Elimination

Treatment will almost always be an important part of the IPM solution if there are pests present in your business. Certified and trained pest control technicians are the only people who should perform these treatments.

These professionals will always adhere to the strictest guidelines for safety. They also stay current and updated with the latest suggestions from the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA as well as the scientific community.

Aside from correct and effective treatments, Integrated Pest Management experts will also respect the schedule of your business operations and work around your business hours. They also maintain the necessary credentials and compliance with the local health code.

Most importantly, IPM technicians never stick to the same treatments every time. Instead, they constantly re-evaluate what they do and remain flexible enough to make the necessary changes. Aside from pest treatments, some IPM experts also conduct exclusion work to ensure that pests will stay outside, another important Integrated Pest Management strategy they use.

Educate You and Your Business Staff on Preventative Measures Against Pests

Prevention is one of the most integral parts of IPM. Pest control technicians will not only inspect your premises with a trained eye, identify the source of the infestation, and treat the area.

They will also offer recommendations and education to you and all your staff members on ways to prevent the introduction and invasion of more pests. They will also take the necessary steps to reduce harbourage, seal and fix holes and cracks, and get rid of excess moisture. All of these will help prevent pest concerns before they even start. After all, this is what Integrated Pest Management is all about.

Call for Experts in Pest Control

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