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First Certified Agrilaser Autonomic Installer Course in Ireland


Owl Pest Control head office recently held the first Certified Agrilaser Autonomic Installer course in Ireland, under the direction of Dan England from PestFix.

The 1-day course trains and qualify to survey, specify, install and maintain Agrilaser Autonomic bird dispersal laser systems. We now have our first group of Certified Agrilaser Installers in Ireland!

For convenience, Agrilaser products such as Autonomic and handheld systems are also directly available at Owl’s trade counter (please check for stock prior to visit).

Agrilaser Autonomic illustration

What is Agrilaser Autonomic?

The Agrilaser Autonomic is an automated bird dispersal laser system. It offers permanent bird deterring features after configuration, which is only a one-time operation.

Birds perceive the laser beam coming near them as a physical danger. Unlike traditional repelling systems, birds do not get used to Agrilaser. They will perceive the area as unsafe and will avoid it permanently.

Agrilaser Autonomic is an ideal solution for industrial & commercial roofs, orchards, playing fields, stadiums, golf courses, etc.

Agrilaser Autonomic in a field

Key features:

  • Environmentally friendly and harmless to birds
  • Suitable for repelling most species of birds
  • Long-range: 1 unit protects up to 12 square kilometres
  • Fast and Long Lasting Results
  • Easy to use in any location
  • Multiple power options: Mains, Battery or Solar
  • All movements are programmed to enable 24-hour protection of multiple areas
  • Developed in co-operation with farmers and research groups for maximum effect
  • Maintenance-free operation 24/7 coverage

The Agrilaser is more environmentally-friendly and animal-friendly than any other methods of control. It is a silent and clean solution that will not hurt birds.

This product is for Professional use only. Please contact us for pricing and installers in your area.


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