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Ficam D New Label (2019 Ireland)

Ficam D Label - Owl Pest Control Dublin


Ficam D has been successfully re-authorised in Europe through the Biocidal Product Registration process. The Irish authorities (DAFM-PRCD) have granted the new registration (IE/BPA 70406).

The authorisation was a difficult process, but thanks to the hard work put by Bayer regulatory team this product continues to be available to pest controllers until 2028 (July).

Ficam D 2Kg tub Ireland

A lot of new restrictions will affect the way we treat wasp nests. Pest controllers must become aware that there are now important changes to the label covering the variety of insects covered, and also the methodology of use for the popular insecticide dust, Ficam D.

If you are not familiar with the new label for Ireland you can download it HERE.

Key Changes

  1. The authorisation for Ficam D is now only against wasps, ants and hornets (this includes the Asian Hornet). The label specifies the application rates. The new label still includes the main target species but it is disappointing to lose the other species from the old label.
  2. The dust is now only an indoor-use product. Nevertheless, Bayer confirmed that it is also possible to undertake internal applications from outdoor locations, using proper PPE and application equipment (e.g. for treating wasp nests behind fascia boards). This will allow professionals to control target species in most situations.

Alternative product for outdoor use

If you need to use insecticide dust for underground nests or nests in shrubs or trees, we are now stocking an alternative product in handy puffer pack:

  •     Rentokil Ant & Crawling insects. 300g. Puffer pack. Permethrin 0.49% PCS:97461. Kills ants, woodlice, cockroaches and other crawling insects.


Rentokil ant Dust-Owl Pest Control Ireland
Rentokil ant Dust
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