Gull Spikes (Seagulls)

  • MODEL G20 – protect width up to 375mm
  • 1 Metre (3 strips of 33cm)

8.96 (ex.VAT )


Seagull Spikes MODEL G20 protect width up to 375mm

Gull spikes specifications:

Material — The base of the gull spike is made of UV-protected polycarbonate for strength and durability
Glue Guide — There is a grove all along the base of the gull spike for easy glue application
Length — Each seagull spike strip is 33.3cm long, easy to handle and to calculate quantities (3 strips = 1 metre)
Holes — There are numerous holes on the base of the bird spike for using screws or to make “rivets of glue”. This unique design ensures that the spikes will stay in place for many more years than with any other models of seagull spikes!
Snap Lines — After every row of spikes there is a line in the base to allow snapping into sections to adjust the length of a strip
Packing — Low profile strips fit closely together in stacks of 5m (15 strips). Low profile means 50m cartons are small. Allows easy carriage, handling, and minimal storage space
Width — Heavy pressure products have wider bases for stability

Avipoint Gull Wire Specifications:

Diameter — 1.42mm thick wires are more difficult for seagulls to push through
Tensile Strength — Spring grade steel (1500N/mm2) is hard for gulls to push through
Security — The wires are inserted in the moulding rather than just pushed into the plastic base
Material — Standard high tensile 302 grade stainless steel for majority of installations. We also have a 316 marine grade option to preserve the appearance in heavily polluted or marine installations (please contact us to enquire)
Angle — Wires leaning outwards at circa 45° are more difficult for gulls to push through than vertical wires, so they are better for heavier pressure
Height — 95mm minimum for pigeons, 140mm minimum for gulls
Spacing — 50mm on P14 for pigeons, 40mm on P32 better for heavy pressure
Tips — The end of the spikes are blunt to prevent harming the gulls

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Seagull nesting advice: Gulls pick the same spot for laying their eggs every year. If you are fitting these spikes at the beginning of the gull breeding season in an area where they are very active (heavy pressure – e.g. on top of a chimney), you may be in a situation where the gulls will persist in trying to build a nest on top of the spikes by throwing twigs and grass on top of them. We recommend that you monitor your spikes and gulls behaviour every few days and remove any materials immediately until the gulls pick another nesting spot!

Once a nest is built, active with eggs/chicks inside it is an offence under the Wildlife Act to remove it!

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