G-7 / P7 Manual Hog Ring Pliers to fit the following hog ring staples:

    • Bostich C Rings R8 & SR8
    • King Hughes 616G50
    • Accepts 16G staples in either galvanised, aluminium or stainless steel


        • All-steel heavy-duty construction
        • Powder coated robust black finish
        • Anti-slip red handles
        • Chrome plated magazine
        • Spring-loaded magazine feed
        • One handed operation

These Hog Ring pliers are an essential tool in the pest controller’s tool box for bird netting. They are required for securing the netting to the straining/perimeter support wires using the c-section hog ring staples

These robust pliers are complete with automatic feed, which makes them ideal for continuous connections with a single handed operation.

The Hog Ring Pliers take pre-formed strips of 50 hog ring staples (11/16″ SR8 C-Ring fastners) sold separately, which feed easily into the spring-loaded retainer within the pliers.


For use with hog ring staples to secure our bird nets to wire rope perimeter frameworks. For a rapid, professional and long-lasting finish to your net.

  • Fencing
  • Nursery
  • Netting
  • Garland
  • Gabion Baskets
  • Mesh poultry Bags
  • Sack closures
  • Upholstery

Simply slide 50 hog ring staples at a time into the spring-loaded carrier for easy application.

Place the mouth of the hog ring pliers around the net mesh to be secured to the wire rope. Squeeze the handles of the pliers together and one C-Ring staple will be closed around the netting mesh and the wire rope, holding them together.

Our hog ring staples are available in galvanised steel,  aluminium,  316 stainless steel and are designed to be compatible with this product

Weight 0.5 kg
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