PLUSLIGHT Fly Killer Glue Boards Replacement

  • Replacement Glueboards for models  Insect-O-Cutor PLUSLIGHT White, PLUSLIGHT 60 Stainless Steel, and SOLAR 30
  • Size 446 x 288 mm
  • Pack of 10 boards

24.05 (ex.VAT )

PLUSLIGHT Fly Killer Glue Boards

We stock Glue boards Sticky Traps for most Glueboard Fly Killer machines used in Ireland.

Our PLUSLIGHT fly killer glue boards are designed to perfectly complement your fly machine, offering consistently high standards of performance, as well as quick servicing times.

Suitable for models:

PLUSLIGHT fly killer glue boards replacement 2

Natural product – non-chemical. Non-toxic.

The adhesives used for the boards are designed with specific and special properties to trap insects under different conditions and for a long period of time with minimal contact and weight.

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Size 446 x 288 mm. Pack of 10 glue boards


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