Attract Black Ants and Destroy the Colony with Ant Killer Gel Bait

Ant killer – Ant Gel Bait – Killer Bait for Ants – Nippon Ant Killer Liquid

Nippon Ant Killer Liquid 25g. + 5 Feeding Stations €6.12+VAT per pack.


6.12 (ex.VAT )

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Nippon Ant Killer Gel Bait

  Use Nippon Ant Killer Liquid 25g. to control Black Ants in & around your home. Worker ants will bring the gel bait to the nest in order to feed the queen, larvae, and entire colony. It can destroy destroys the entire colony, unlike powders and liquid insecticides. This is very useful where the nest is not accessible.
  • Try to leave the feeding stations on the ant trail or pour directly on the ant trails (if the surface is non-absorbent) or in the cracks ants are coming from.
  • Allow 7 to 10 days to achieve control, depending on the size of the colony and the feeding frequency.
  • You should leave 3 or 4 droplets of product per control point, ideally in the late evening.
  • Use it at the first signs of ant activity (usually in early spring).
  • Do not disturb or kill the ants that are feeding as it is necessary to let them take the bait back to the nest.
  • Top-up the missing bait once a day until the black ant activity stops. Then remove and discard all the bait stations.
Check our video showing Nippon ant killer in action in our office! You can also get rid of ants using Liquid Residual Insecticide and Ant Powder
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