APLEONA HSG Facility Management

APLEONA HSG Facility Management

Every year since 2015,  Owl Pest Control has successfully fulfilled all the standards required by Apleona HSG Facility Management.

A number of topics are considered for the qualification, including Health & Safety, Environmental Protection, Quality Systems, Insurance and Financial.

Since 1998 Owl Pest Control has specialised in the Property & Facility Management market and is currently the largest provider of Pest Control Services for this sector in Leinster, with over 100 Property Management clients and over a thousand monitored sites.


Apleona Ireland Qualification Results 2021 - Facility Management

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What is Pre-Qualification?

A pre-qualification is a list of criteria that a service supplier must meet in order to apply for a contract with a Property Management Company. In fact, both public and private sectors use the necessary documentation to check a supplier’s suitability.

It is an effective tool to identify suppliers when there are numerous applications for a particular tender. Service suppliers that do not meet the required standards are automatically ignored in the process, supporting an efficient and streamlined short-listing.

A Demonstration of Competence

Pre-qualification is not simply a box-ticking exercise. The process is actually more of a marketing exercise that provides the supplier with a chance to demonstrate their suitability and competence as a service provider.

A team leader prepares the response to the pre-qualification by managing the process and creating a succinct and consistent response. The supplier must communicate the benefits & advantages of its business in a clear way that will attract the confidence of the provider.

Areas profiled in a Pre-Qualification

Pest control services for the Property Management sector covers the following areas:

Company status

All the details of the business including directors history, lists of sub-contractors and supply arrangements in the organisation. Here the PQQ is exploring your structure and competency.

Business finances

Balance sheet and cash flow are indicators of a business’s success and health. Bank references and certificate of insurance are necessary.

Health & Safety and Quality System

Health and Safety Policy (and Statement), Risk assessments (including environmental risk assessments for the use of rodenticides) and Method Statements are essential to demonstrate the correct health and safety protocols are in place. Certification such as the ISO standards or Safecontractor can give a competitive advantage to score highly on this field.

Environmental policy

A growing number of businesses such as APLEONA have a commitment to reducing their environmental impact. Suppliers are naturally expected to share this commitment. In the pest control business, having an Integrated Pest Management approach and an environmental management policy in place can help prove an ongoing commitment to the environment.

owl-pest-control-integrated-pest-management-logo-Owl pest control Dublin

Competitive edge

What are the reasons for a particular supplier to be selected as the most suitable? What is its unique premise? What value could they potentially deliver that other suppliers may be missing? What made Owl the most suitable candidate for Apleona is its specialisation in the Property Management sector for over 20 years.

A simple example: our staff never discuss with tenants or owners of apartments issues in the common areas of an apartment block. They keep all information confidential and deliver a separate report to the property manager if any action is recommended in common areas.

Social policy

Many public and private sector organisations prefer to work with business partners that have clear equal opportunities policies, as well as some recognition of corporate responsibilities.

Case studies and testimonials

It is important for a business to prove that it has validity and success in its operating area. Showing prior performance can demonstrate ability and suitability for the new contract.

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