Importance of Pest Controller’s Insurance

You can face various circumstances when working in the pest control industry. Working with biocides and firearms means you will face many types of risks.

Even in a well-run pest business, hazards and incidents do occur. It is important to ensure that your insurance will provide suitable cover for you, your workers and your company.

What’s New?

We are delighted to announce that Insight Insurance has a new Liability Insurance facility, specifically designed for Pest Control Contractors.

Over the past six months, they have worked closely with a panel of insurers who have agreed to provide them with wide-ranging covers at very competitive prices..

This could be a real benefit to Pest Controllers in Ireland in terms of premium savings and cover offering! With this in mind, you can advise them of your renewal date so they can contact you in advance to provide you with a quotation.

Pest Control Insurance in Ireland

Pest Control Insurance benefits include:

  • Significant premium reductions compared to your existing cover.
  • Treatment risks cover (covers damage to wood fixtures and fittings, carpets and upholstery etc from an incorrect application of products)
  • Criminal and deliberate acts perpetrated by your employees
  • Failure to secure premium (E.G. not setting an alarm and a subsequent theft)
  • Incorrect destruction of goods to Third Party Property

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Contact us if you need any advice with your pest control insurance.

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