Booklice - Booklouse (Psocids)


There are over 800 types of Psocids, however the information given here applies to all.


They are very small, less than 1mm, grey or brown, and often appear as "moving specks". They can walk, but not jump or fly.


Booklice like to live in warm, dark, humid places and are often found in food cupboards, especially those used for dry goods live flour, milk powder and semolina. They eat microscopic moulds and fungi.

Booklice are frequently found in foodstuff packaging, old books, carpets and other furnishings, but can also be associated with new plaster which offers a humid habitat while it dries out.

booklice infestation owl pest control

Booklice infestation in a bag of organic oats


Although a nuisance Booklice do not carry any diseases and are not a health risk. Nor are they a sign of poor hygiene or a dirty house. Large infestations, however, may cause significant damage to delicate materials such as books and furs.


  • To aid with the prevention of infestation, dry foodstuffs should be kept in a cool dry well-ventilated place
  • Cupboards should be cleaned regularly and dried thoroughly before the food goes back in
  • Kitchen should be kept well ventilated.
  • Avoid condensation as it creates the conditions for the moulds (that Psocids feed on) to grow.

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