Trio Glue Board Fly Killer Stainless Steel

The small and slim Trio Glue Board Fly Killer Stainless Steel is the ideal choice for kitchens, shops and warehouses. It is a lightweight stainless machine that is very easy to clean and service. It is a very popular choice if you are on a tight budget.

Flies are very attracted to the glue boards as the UV bulbs can be seen without the obstruction of a bulky cover. No tools are needed to replace the glueboards, fluorescent lamps or starters. It is a very effective model fitted with shatterproof lamps for commercial food preparation.

  • Tool-free maintenance
  • Dimensions H310xW485xD60 mm
  • Coverage: 80M²
  • Tubes: 2x 15 watt 18″ shatterproof
  • Manufactured in Poland by European Leader Pomel

67.10 (ex.VAT )

Trio Glue Board Fly Killer Stainless Steel

  • Wall mounting Unit
  • Tool-free maintenance
  • Dimensions H310xW485xD60 mm
  • Coverage: 80M²
  • 30 Watt unit: uses 2x 15 watt 18″ tubes

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 3kg
  • Origin: Poland
  • Electric supply: 230V/50 Hz
  • High tension grid: No (catch by means of long-life glue board)
  • Power consumption: 35 W
  • Technical name: TRIO insect light trap
  • Area coverage (m²): 80 square metres per unit
  • Light source (W) (UV-A): 2 x 15 watt shatterproof UV-A lamp
  • Type of UV lamps: UV Lamps RoHS certified
  • Material: Stainless steel AISI 430
  • Glass protection: shatterproof tubes included with 95% UV-A transparency
  • Degree of protection (IP) : IP 21 (drip proof)
  • Guarantee: 2 years return to base
  • Int. building norm: acc. EN 60335-2-59 int. standard for insect exterminators
  • Lamp lifetime (hrs) : 9000
  • CE-approval: yes
  • Mounting position: wall mounted
  • Cable: included UK
  • Packaging: neutral cardboard box included
  • Manual: enclosed with the unit in English

Replacement Glueboards: Order GlueTrio HERE

Replacement Tubes: Order Tubes 2x 15W18″ HERE

Installation Instructions


  • Disconnect the mains when not using the appliance, before servicing, and when changing accessories or
  • Always check that wrenches and adjusting service tools are removed from the machine before turning it on.
  • The use of any accessory or attachment other than recommended in these operating instructions or the catalogue may present a risk of personal injury.
  • The fly killer unit complies with the relevant safety rules. Repairs should only be carried out by qualified persons using original spare parts, otherwise, this may result in considerable danger to the user.
  • Use a safe mains connector with proper ground.
  • Always leave repairs (other than cleaning, glue board replacement or replacing the lamp) to your dealer/distributor.
  • The light from the ultraviolet lamps is harmless to people and animals even after prolonged exposure


To achieve maximum effectiveness, the following installation notes must be considered:

  • Choose a place where the unit can be reached and cleaned easily.
  • Avoid obstacles, which limit the possibility for the insects to reach the apparatus.
  • Avoid draught by fans or air shafts and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Use good quality mounting materials.
  • Note: fly control systems may never be hung directly above uncovered food!


The Trio Glue Board Fly Killer Stainless Steel requires no maintenance other than cleaning, changing the glue board, and lamp replacement.

Pomel Trio Stainless Steel Fly Killer 30 watt-2

  1. Cleaning: a) Disconnect the device from the mains. b) Wipe the front grid and casing clean with a damp cloth or one moistened with methylated spirits.
  2. Changing the glue board: a) The glue board can be replaced once the front grid has been lifted and retained using the upper bracket. b) Take the old glue board away and place the new glueboard inside the of the unit sliding inside 4 slots . c) Release the top bracket and lower the front grid back into position.
  3. Lamp replacement: It is recommended to replace the UV-A lamp once a year before the main insect season starts: The lamps should in any case be replaced after 9,000 burning hours.
    a) Disconnect the device from the mains.
    b) Lift up the front cover and secure using the top bracket.
    c) Turn the UV lamp 90° (two clicks) and remove the lamp.
    d) Place new lamps in the apparatus and turn them 90° (two clicks).
    e) Release the top bracket and lower the front grid back into position.
    If the UV lamp starts with difficulty or fails to start, replace the starter, which is located in the upper cover over the UV lamp


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