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Wasps – Should You Use a Professional?

Owl Pest Control Dublin - Why You Should Call The Professionals About Wasp Problems in Your Home

Wasps are pests that can be a serious concern for Dublin homeowners. What makes these insects scary is the fact that they can leave painful stings that can also be quite dangerous at times. It can be very annoying to find one wasp or two around your yard but things can easily go out of control once these stinging insects start to build their nests around your house. 

Common Wasp Species in Dublin

There are only two wasp species in Dublin that people often notice – the German Wasp and the Common Wasp.  These two have the same appearance although the German wasp is a bit larger. Their queens and workers also have the same markings with the queens being bigger in size. Differentiating these two is very easy.

For the profile view, the Common wasp features a black coloured mark at the centre while the German wasp features a continuous yellow band at the back of the eyes.


When viewed from above, the abdomen of German wasp has black bands that have separate black dots while the black bands of Common wasp are broader and they merge with the black dots.

The colour of German wasps’ nests is more greyish compared to the nests of Common wasps. It is also more likely for the nests of German wasps to be built in an abandoned mouse or rat nest underground. In Ireland, these nests are often built as soon as the month of April begins. These nests can grow really large with about 10,000 individuals and more often than not, they only have a single entrance.

These two species both have painful stings with Common wasps being more aggressive than German wasps. Wasps feed on sugary foods as well as proteins from caterpillars or worms and insects. Wasps are social, with the workers spending the first half of their lives providing food for the larvae inside the nest until they hatch and leave the nest with no need for the workers to feed them.

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Problems Associated with Dealing with Wasps on Your Own

Understanding why you should never go for DIY when controlling and dealing with stinging insects like wasps will make you realize why it is always a wise idea to call a professional pest control service for wasp removal in your Dublin home.  

Here are the most common issues linked with DIY wasp control:

  • Your life is already busy enough.

You wake up early in the morning, commute to work, spend your whole day in your workplace, and commute back home. You do all the household chores and spend time with your family. You relax for a few hours before you go to bed. For most people, this is how they live their lives day in and day out.

With such a packed schedule, who still has the luxury of time to do routine wasp nest detection in their yard? It is where experts in pest control Dublin can be of great help. These professionals will take care of the problem on your behalf so that you don’t need to worry about it at all. You will also feel more at ease because you know that your pets and kids can safely go back and forth in your yard. Detecting the nest early on is the secret to effective wasp control. Unfortunately, this is an aspect of DIY wasp control plan that is often neglected by most homeowners.

  • It is not safe to use chemicals.

There are people who think that the best solution for their wasp problem is to spray generous amounts of insecticides on their nest. Unfortunately, it can make you, your children, or your pets sick if you use the wrong products and if you improperly apply them.

If there is really a need to use such products, experts in pest control Dublin will adhere to the protocols and standards set by the industry for safety. They will also use the proper amounts of the right products. Most of the time, insecticides may not be necessary. The pest control experts have the correct equipment suck these insects out of ground holes or voids in your walls.

  • Wasp stings are painful and even expensive sometimes.

When things go wrong while you are trying to remove the wasp nest on your own, there is the risk of getting stung that will require a trip to the hospital. There is also the possibility of falling out of the window or falling from the ladder as you go about with the nest removal process. Yes, such accidents can happen more often than what you think.

Allergic reaction to Wasp sting

People tend to react in the strangest ways every time they find themselves surrounded by a large swarm of wasps all of a sudden. The good news is that pest control experts are insured. This means that if an accident does occur, they will go to the hospital themselves and the company will pay their bills. Thankfully, accidents during wasp nest removal done by the experts are very rare.

  • The problem can only worsen.

You probably think that it is already bad enough to have a wasp nest near your house or in the void on the wall. Sadly, this issue can still get worse. There is always the risk of you accidentally driving the insects deeper into the house where they can start coming out into the common areas and cause problems for you and your whole family. Pest control experts in Dublin are knowledgeable when it comes to identifying the specific insects they are treating and gauge the location of the wasp nest to properly get rid of it with no secondary problems taking place. 

  • Wasps can actually be fatal. 

Just a single wasp sting can be a matter of life and death for some people. You might not have even the slightest idea that you have wasp allergy if you have never been stung by this insect. When you hire an expert in pest control Dublin, you will not just save yourself from having to find out if you have wasp venom allergy during nest removal because you will also have lesser risks of getting stung after the nest is removed.

Top Reasons Why Professional Wasp Removal is Worth It

You see, it is more than worth it to go for professional wasp removal. When you hire the experts to deal with detection and removal of wasps in your home, you are actually giving you the highest level of protection possible with a lesser risk of bringing harm to yourself and your family or making the issue worse.

For better wasp control in Dublin area, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts and let them do the job for you. Here is how you can take advantage of calling professionals about wasp problems in your Dublin home:

  • Save yourself and your family from disaster.

Amateur removal of wasp nest is the perfect recipe for disaster. You may end up using the wrong products, make a costly mistake, you may forget wearing your gloves or glasses and hurt yourself in the process. 

  • Avoid allergies.

If you have no idea if you have an allergy to wasp sting, it is a big must that you stay away from any kind insect control. A single sting can easily make you suffer from a painful allergic reaction and several stings can land you in a hospital.

  • Say goodbye to mistakes that can cost you money.

Wasp control is not typically cost prohibitive and this can save you from that aching aftermath should you do the job wrong. Yes, it might actually be cheaper to just go to the local hardware store to buy a wasp spray but if it is meant for the wrong insect or you use it incorrectly, this might not put an end to your problem. It might still require you to call the experts later on clean up the bigger and more serious problem than before. 

  • You don’t have to expose yourself to chemicals.

Most products for wasp control are filled with nasty chemicals that you wouldn’t want to be exposed to or inhale more than you should. It is recommended to hire pest control experts that use environmentally-friendly treatments for getting rid of wasps so your kids and pets won’t accidentally ingest something dangerous.

  • Professionals can offer a follow up.  

wasp pest-controller
Pest Controller removing a large wasp nest

Finally, pest control experts will go to your house guaranteed for removal and handle any follow-up issues. They will use preventative measures in the next few months to prevent wasp problems in the future. This will help you save lots of time so you can avoid worrying about wasps building their nests all over again.

Check out this article explaining in details all the Benefits and reasons to hire a pest control company.

If you are not convinced, you may try eradicating the wasp nest by yourself. However, make sure you take extra care and remember the basic safety guidelines below:

  • Don’t forget to wear protective gear and lots of layers. Wasps will sting you continuously as long as you pose a threat to them.
  • Look for an insect-specific pesticide. There are people who recommend the use of chemical pesticides while others suggest the use of boiling water, smoke, or soapy water.
  • Spray the wasp at night while the wasps are inside the nest or during colder season when these insects have started to die off or are less active.

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