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Rentokil AVIGO is new in Ireland. How does it work?

Avigo repels birds by temporary mild irritation, which makes them feel the area is unsafe. Mode of action:


  1. The pest bird lands and touches the gel with their feet
  2. After taking flight they pull their legs in and the gel is transferred to their body and produces a temporary uncomfortable, tingling sensation.
  3. Within a few days the birds learn to avoid places were this sensory reaction originates, dispersing the flock from the treated areas.


Advantages of using Avigo over other solutions

pest control tick icon s Avigo is effective against all species of birds infesting structures and is very fast to install.

pest control tick icon s It is a discreet clear gel which cannot be seen from ground, so it doesn’t affect the look of a monument, building or statue.

pest control tick icon s Avigo Gel can be applied on any horizontal surface. For porous surfaces such as concrete or wood, a sealer should be applied first. 

pest control tick icon s The gel is durable and does not freeze or melt. It continues to be effective after snow, hail or the large amount of rain fall we get in Ireland. Avigo require very little maintenance after it is applied, unless the gel is taken away from particular spots where the flock is used to roost. It is then just a matter of inspecting once or twice a year and replenishing if necessary.

pest control tick icon s Avigo treatment can overcome the intense homing instincts of pigeons, preventing them from ever returning to roosting areas.

pest control tick icon s The 300ml tube will produce a strip of approximately just over 4 metres.


Avigo Active Ingredient - Does it harm birds?

The 300g tube of Avigo contains a non-toxic, food grade ingredient lipid called capsaicin. This is equivalent to chilli powder, which is can be consumed safely by birds and do not cause them the pain that mammals feel. Chilli powder is often added to bird seeds for bird feeders so squirrels, rats and mice do not eat them.

Check the manufacturer video showing the bird deterrent gel application:


Areas of Application:

Typical commercial applications include rooftops, ledges, canopies, window sills, parapets, beams, statues, lighting units, water lines, pipes, cables, bridges, girders.


AviGo Gel Material Safety Data Sheet: Avigo Gel MSDS

Important Note: Avigo is for professional operators. It should not be used in areas where children and non-target species (e.g. cats, dogs, pigs, poultry) have access.

Cost: €32.50+VAT per 300ml Cartrige.


Avigo Reviews - Case Study Remblers' Court Newbridge Co.Kildare

r c newbridge

The modern complex consist of a rectangular yard and 3-story apartments blocks built on each side, approx. 10 years ago. Due to the ideal enclosed and sheltered yard, pigeons have rapidly colonised the roof areas, and several attempts were made by the management to install plastic bird spikes to repel the birds.
Pigeons managed to bend the plastic spikes, remove some of them, or relocate in other areas including on lowers levels including window ledges, porches, canopies etc. The pigeon colony built up to over 100 birds causing disarray among residents. A huge amount of ongoing efforts and expenses were necessary to remove the droppings and keep the place clean.     
After extensive research from the Management Company it was decided two and a half years ago to try Avigo. The product was applied over two days on all landing areas and ledges using a boom lift. Porous surfaces were sealed with a primer prior to application of the bird gel.  
All pigeons left the development within a few days and none have returned since. No top-up a re-visits were scheduled after the initial application.
The bird gel is supposed to remain effective for up to a year and since nearly 3 years have passed, it is now assumed that the gel have succeeded in overcoming the homing instincts of the pigeons residing at this site. Pigeons flying over the development do not recognise the buildings as their territory and do not land.
The Avigo bird repellent project has been a major success for this development.

Note: We are looking for more feedbacks and comments. Please let us know how Avigo is working for you!


Product Application Instructions



Apply Avigo where birds most heavily roost, gather and reproduce. AviGo can be applied to indoor and outdoor surfaces, which include wood, metal, plastic, tile, brick, cinderblock and cement.

Lay down a continuous band of Avigo in a wave pattern that will allow the birds to easily and frequently step on the gel. Use as necessary to treat roosting areas to ensure complete bird displacement is maintained.

Clean and dry surfaces before application and for best results do not apply directly to porous surfaces (apply a sealant first). Avigo can be applied at temperatures of -7°C to 40°C. For best results do not apply in wet or snowy weather. Re-applications may be required on an as-needed basis in areas of high pressure, where the product has been disturbed or removed due to contact.

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Protect from frost.



To avoid risks to man and the environment, comply with the instructions for use. Prevent access to gel by children and non-target animals (particularly dogs, cats, pigs and poultry). WASH HANDS AND EXPOSED SKlN before meals and after use.

Do not place gel where food or water could become contaminated. Keep container tightly closed. Keep only in the original container in a safe place. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of accident or if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately (show the label where possible). Keep away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs. Avoid all contact by mouth

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